Pathology for Toxicologists

April 20, 2017 rist

Principles and Practices of Laboratory Animal Pathology for Study Personnel

On the 1st May 2017 the book “Pathology for Toxicologists: Principles and Practices of Laboratory Animal Pathology for Study Personnel” will be released. We are proud to announce that Dr. Barbara von Beust, one of CNE’s pathology experts, contributed with the chapter on clinical pathology, probably one of the few available these days. Here’s what she says about the book:

Anatomic and clinical pathology are important disciplines generating standard endpoint data in non-clinical toxicology studies. Traditionally, veterinarians trained in the respective fields are involved in data analysis, interpretation and reporting of histopathology, hematology and clinical chemistry results, while toxicologists compile the integrative final reports. This book is intended to help toxicologists and other study personnel to better understand the involved technologies, the pathophysiologic background, the terminology and potential pitfalls in anatomic and clinical pathology data analysis and interpretation, including the definition of adversity in these disciplines. The book is a very valuable novelty as it includes one of the first available chapters in modern toxicologic veterinary clinical pathology, addressing many important issues in hematology and clinical chemistry in considerable detail and within the overall context of modern veterinary laboratory medicine.