What We Do

Getting expert advise at critical time points in your discovery and development process can safe you a lot of time and money.

CNE can assist you in near term issues as well as through long-term partnerships. In our experience, a lot of value is gained from building a long-term partnership, where we build up knowledge about your situation - enabling us to provide high quality support with short response time.

    How can we help you - examples:

  • Guide you prior to critical decision points, typically prior to phase III studies or going into clinical
  • Guide you prior to and during EMA/FDA meetings
  • Handle the critical issues on your behalf at CROs or CMOs
  • Create and execute integrated development programmes, according to state-of-art regulatory and ethical standards
  • Get trials on hold back on track in a fast and efficient way
  • Streamline non-clinical and clinical development plans
  • Accelerate progress to filing, optimise costs and mitigate risk
  • Provide expertise for due diligence and in- and outlicensing activities
  • Provide training services for your in-house staff