Alberto Lodola, PhD

Dr. Lodola is a toxicologist with more than 30 years experience. As a lecturer at the University of Kent, UK his research group focused on the development of in vitro techniques for use in mechanistic toxicology studies with a special emphasis on the use of isolated cells and on the role of Cyp P450 in toxicity. During a 20-year career at Pfizer he held a number a positions in the US and France. Most recently he was Head of General and Reproductive Toxicology at Pfizer, Amboise, France. During this time he contributed to a wide range of drug development projects (Amlodipine, Fluconazole, Sildenafil, Dofetilde, Eletriptan, Voriconazole, Darifenacin). Currently a consultant toxicologist he has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers since 1974, most recently a chapter on the nonclinical development of combination drugs development (CRC, 2010) and he has co-edited a book (Toxicology in Practice: A guide to nonclinical development) published by Blackwell in December 2010.

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