Barbara von Beust, PhD,, DACVP, ECVCP

Dr. von Beust is a Swiss veterinarian who is board certified in veterinary clinical pathology and specialized in laboratory medicine. She received her   PhD from Washington State University in veterinary cell-mediated immunology research (with a strong emphasis on molecular biology techniques). She is an experienced laboratory manager with a profound understanding of Good Laboratory Practice guidelines (as required by regulatory agencies) and their implementation in a real life setting. Based on her insights gained from planning, directing and monitoring numerous preclinical safety studies, she pursues high professional standards in clinical laboratory data analysis, interpretation and reporting. She has authored and peer reviewed numerous clinical pathology reports and assisted in the audits of clinical pathology laboratories in several leading European CRO’s.

Dr. von Beust is an expert in hematology and bone marrow data analysis, the interpretation of acute phase response parameters, and the scientific evaluation of cell-mediated specific immune responses (including cytokine profiles). As an invited guest lecturer at the university of Berne she had a chance to communicate and teach her comprehensive knowledge of the hemo- and lymphopoetic system. As one of the very few European veterinary clinical pathologists with significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry she is an active member of the regulatory affairs committee of the American Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology. This allows her to maintain and further develop a strong professional network with her North American peers. Regular contacts and co-authorship of Best Practices publications allow her to be at the cutting edge of new developments in the global field of clinical pathology in preclinical safety and drug development.

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