Charlotte Keywood, MBBS, MRCP, FFPM

Dr. Keywood has 25 years experience in international healthcare product development, from candidate selection through product registration, to post marketing development. Dr Keywood is skilled in all areas of clinical development, medical marketing and pharmaceutical medicine. As a clinician she is specialist trained in cardiology, and has extensive drug and device development expertise in multiple therapeutic areas. A start up company specialist, she has a particular interest in working with micro, small and mid cap companies to design and execute development programmes to expedite value inflexion points, to attract investment and facilitate go, no go decisions. She has extensive experience in medical regulatory affairs, preparing dossiers and representing companies at FDA and EMA meetings. Dr Keywood is the author of the chapter “Clinical Development – Present and Future” in the 2nd edition of Drug Discovery and Development (Churchill Livingstone). Dr Keywood believes in expeditious excellence.