Who We Are

We are a group of international experts providing a multidisciplinary team of PhD, MD, DVM and project managers, customized to meet your work requirements.

Our team has recognized and extensive expertise across the therapeutic, diagnostic and medical device sectors. With top level representation at FDA, EMA or MHW we can guide you through approval and commercialization smoothly.

We are not a conventional cookie-cutter consultancy. One size does not fit all. We adopt a holistic approach to your development programme, taking into account your prevailing circumstances. We know needs and priorities can change at short notice, so we offer a flexible resource to support your development needs.

We are present in six European countries (Denmark, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK) and in the US.

Management Team

Maurice Cary

Dr. Cary is a board-certified veterinary pathologist with +30 years of experience in addressing nonclinical issues in the USA, Europe and Asia. He also has a wealth of experience in outsourcing and study management, which is a unique combination of beneficial skills for nonclinical healthcare product development. Critically, he understands how to apply this skill set in a business setting with budgetary constraints. His overriding objective in implementing every development plan is to perform only what is necessary, while still meeting all regulatory requirements and addressing all safety concerns with utmost quality.

Dr. Cary is Co-founder, Managing Director and Head of Nonclinical Team in CNE.

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Charlotte Keywood

Dr. Keywood is a Pharmaceutical physician with +25 years experience of international clinical research and development, translational medicine, medical regulatory, medical marketing, pharmacovigilance and investor relations, working in US and European biotech and start up companies. With strong entrepreneurial skills and extensive investor relations experience, as an integral part of numerous successful fundraising roadshows in the US and EU, including a 135M CHF Swiss IPO in 2007, she is considered to be a “Start-up Company” specialist. Dr Keywood believes in expeditious excellence.

Dr. Keywood is Co-founder, Managing Director and Head of Clinical Team in CNE.

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Øystein Rist

Dr. Rist has been working within the Biotech industry for the last two decades, first as part of a biotech-startup, and later as a consultant, including being part of several spin-out and pre-seed projects in the Nordic countries. He has also been part of an international group of consultants, where his roles included being project manager for international teams of life-science experts.

Dr. Rist is Co-founder, Managing Director, Head of Project Management Team and Webmaster in CNE.

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